Mosaic NFT by Matt Vegh

In collaboration with Real Nifty, artist Matt Vegh has created 1,250 hand-painted, 3x3cm mosaic tiles that each have NFT counterparts, metaverse integration and other utilities.

Real Nifty has teamed up with artist Matt Vegh to create 1,250 hand-painted, 3x3cm mosaic tiles that each have NFT counterparts. The intricate design and structures of each mosaic tile really come to life when viewed as an NFT.

You can collect these NFT tiles and also 'trade in' 9 of them for a building within the metaverse. You'll also have the chance to combine them and receive a matching physical piece.

The Mosaic NFT mint is now LIVE. If you need help minting, check out the guide below.

Mosaic Tile

MINT DATE: 8th April, 2022 5PM ET

Mint is now LIVE!

The mint is on the Polygon network and the price per Mosaic NFT tile is 190 Matic.

This first drop will include 100 Mosaic tiles. Press the button below to mint your NFTs!

Crystallize Your Mosaic Tile NFTS

If you have minted 9 Mosaic Tile NFTs, you can crystallize them into our digital 3×3 grid by clicking the button below.

If you crystallize, you will receive an additional ‘Combined Mosaic NFT’ and your original tile NFTs will be burned.

You will also receive a physical replica of your design sent to you in the real world and 9 replacement NFT tiles to replace the burned tiles.

This offer is currently available to the first 10 people to crystallize.

Redeem Your Mosaic NFTs for a building in the Metaverse

If you have minted 9 Mosaic Tile NFTs, you can trade them in for a building within The Confluence Metaverse by clicking the button below.

Once traded, you will receive an email detailing your new building and how to access The Confluence to settle into your new place!

How it works

Step 1
Physical Creation

Matt Vegh has hand-crafted 1,250 individual pieces of 3x3cm physical fine art, called 'Tiles'.

Step 2
Digital Creation

Digital NFT counterparts of each physical mosaic tile have also been created which you will be able to mint directly through the Real Nifty website. Each NFT is named by Matt Vegh and will feature details and attributes to help you understand the art you've purchased.

Step 3
The Metaverse

NFT tiles can also be used as currency. You can 'trade in' 9 Mosaic NFT Tiles to claim a building in the metaverse. Your building will sit within the courtyard of Kedronavista Castle which is part of The Confluence Metaverse. (more details on The Confluence below)

Step 4

10 purchasers of 9 tile NFTs will have the option to 'crystallize' them into a 'combined digital mosaic NFT' in a design of your choosing. The NFT tiles you used to create your design will also be replaced with 9 new NFT tiles deposited straight into your wallet.

Step 5
Physical Fusion

If you're one of the lucky 10, Matt Vegh then 'fuses' the 9 corresponding physical tiles into your unique design, creating an intricate 9x9cm mosaic work of art just for you. The finished piece is sent to you in the real world and presented in a specially curated display box.

Get Involved

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Join the Metaverse

Mosaic NFT tiles can also be used as currency.

One unique element of the Mosaic NFT project is the ability for the NFT tiles to act as currency within the metaverse. Nine tiles can be traded in for a building within The Confluence, a place that you will own within the virtual world. This building can also be decorated with the NFT tiles you used to purchase with other integrations already in the pipeline.

The Confluence

The Mosaic NFT project is intrinsically linked with The Confluence Metaverse

What is The Confluence?

The Confluence was brought to life by co-founders Matt and Nate Vegh.

They've worked together with Mr. Diesel Entertainment in Scotland and in collaboration with Real Nifty for nearly 10 months to craft a world that offers full access to gamification, hosting virtual experiences, partnering with brands for marketing activations, and exhibiting and selling art in a custom-built digital universe.

The Castle at Kedronavista

Take a stroll around the Castle at Kedronavista subzone within The Confluence and you'll come across the courtyard. This is where your building will be located if you traded in 9 of your Mosaic NFT tiles. It's a place to relax, unwind, play games, mix with the locals and check out other NFT art projects.

Want to know more about NFTs?

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About Matt Vegh

Renowned Graphic Novelist & Physical/Digital Artist
Matt has written SXD Middle Kingdom series and the VR game / metaverse based on novel is underway.
Since 2017 Vegh has sold over 470 original works of art. He has also received two Golden Panda International Design Awards, participated in several high profile residencies and regularly asked to live paint at events held in China.
Matt Vegh created the artwork for his and the world's first community-minted NFT known as Rebuilding the Tower of Babel, which sold at auction on Opensea earlier this year for 16.1 ETH.


Who is Matt Vegh?

Matt Vegh is a renowned Canadian artist and sculptor living in Chengdu, China. Matt is a pioneer in the crypto space, showing early interest in combining art, crypto and NFTs and releasing the world's first community-minted artwork called 'Rebuilding the Tower of Babel'. This quickly sold for 16.1 ETH. Since 2017 he has sold over 457 pieces of original art including his mosaic artwork. You can find out more about Matt Vegh by reading our interview.

How are the physical mosaic tiles created?

The physical mosaic tiles are hand-crafted and hand-cut by Matt Vegh at his StarCloud studio in Chengdu, China. He uses special techniques, paints, oils and more to create the pieces. The matching Tile NFTs will be purchased from the Metacraft marketplace. Keep or directly through the Real Nifty website (coming March 2022). Keep an eye on our website, Twitter, and Discord for release dates.

Which Crypto Wallets are compatible for the Mosaic NFT drop?

The Metamask crypto wallet will be needed to take part in this drop. Details of wallet setup and installation can be found on our Metamask Setup Guide.

Which blockchain is used for the Mosaic NFT project?

The Mosaic NFT tiles minted through the Real Nifty website will be using the polygon blockchain. Make sure you have the cryptocurrency MATIC in your wallet before minting.

NOTE: Only NFT tiles minted on Polygon will be able to use the crystallization and building redemption features on the Real Nifty website.

How many tile NFTs will be available?

1,250 Tile NFTs have been created, each with physical counterparts. The first drop through the Real Nifty website will consist of 100 of these tile NFTs. Subsequent drops will be announced on the website and our social channels until all 1,250 have been released. Keep an eye out for release dates!

Where can I buy the Mosaic NFT tiles?

Mosaic NFT tiles are able to be minted directly from the Real Nifty website from 8th April 2022. Collect at least 9 to take part in other utilities such as crystallization and claiming a building with The Metaverse.

How much to Mosaic Tile NFTs cost?

They will cost 190 MATIC per Mosaic NFT tile. Each connected wallet will be able to mint between 1 - 10 NFTs.

What is The Confluence?

The confluence is a brand new metaverse co-founded by artist Matt Vegh and his son, Nate Vegh. Together, with Mr Diesel Entertainment and Real Nifty, a world has been crafted that offers a high-definition experience, that is a feast for the senses.

You can stroll around the Kedronavista castle subzone where you can also purchase buildings in the courtyard to display your NFTs and more. You can also head to the Aztec subzone and play the new Temple of The Sun God game.

There's a lot more being built as we speak, and you can find out more about The Confluence by reading this article.

How do I get a building in The Confluence metaverse?

To get a building outside the Kedronavista castle subzone within The Confluence metaverse you need to 'trade in' 9 NFTs. This will be able to be completed though a 'building redemption' page which will be available on the Real Nifty website when minting begins. Keep an eye out on our discord for updates.

NOTE: If you are aiming to crystallize and trade in your Tile NFTs for a building in the metaverse, make sure to crystallize first. You will be given 9 replacement tiles that you can then use to trade in for your building.

How do you crystalize the tile NFTs for a physical counterpart?

10 physical mosaics will be created as part of the Mosaic NFT project. These will be available to 10 people who collect at least 9 NFTs.

To claim, you can either use our online 'crystallization grid' through the polygon network which will be available on the website when minting begins. Instructions for crystallizing will be added nearer the time.

Purchase Through Crystallization Grid

If you have 9 Tile NFTs they will connect from your wallet and automatically populate within the grid. You can then manually move them around into a design of your choice. Once your design is chosen, you can press the 'crystallize' button to burn your 9 tile NFTs which will also create a new, 'combined mosaic NFT' that is sent straight to your wallet.

You will also receive 9 new NFTs to replace the 9 that were burned and a free building within The Confluence Metaverse

The above process is only available through the Real Nifty website and using the Polygon network.

Purchase Through Real Nifty Manually

Alternatively, you purchase your physical mosaic and all the added benefits mentioned above through us manually. Please contact us for further details.

NOTE: If you are aiming to crystallize and trade in your Tile NFTs for a building in the metaverse, make sure to crystallize first. You will be given 9 replacement tiles that you can then use to trade in for your building.

What do you mean by 'burn'?

If you crystalize, your 9 Tile NFTs will be removed from your crypto wallet and 'burned'. This means they are destroyed forever. These burned NFTs will be replaced in your crypto wallet by a 'combined mosaic NFT' matching the design you have chosen via the crystallization grid. 9 replacement Mosaic NFT tiles will also be automatically sent to your wallet. These can be kept or used to purchase a building within The Confluence Metaverse.

How many people can crystalize their NFTs for a physical counterpart?

On this first drop, the first 10 people to use the crystallization process through the Real Nifty website will be able to complete the process and receive the physical piece of art matching their design. The process will be automatically shut after the 10th person crystallizes.

The crystallization and physical counterpart features may be added back for future drops.